Huajian compliance statement

Huajian and its subsidiaries, branches, and offices ("Huajian" or "we") consistently adhere to the core values of honest business practices, strict adherence to business ethics, and steadfast commitment to compliance. We strictly comply with all applicable business conduct rules, including Chinese laws, international standards and conventions, and the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we operate. We integrate compliance management thoroughly into our internal governance. We value and continue to cultivate a culture of integrity, requiring every employee and partner to comply with the Code of Business Conduct.

Huajian respects internationally recognized human rights and requires itself and its supply chain to refrain from engaging in or supporting modern slavery or any other violations of human rights. We believe that everyone should be treated fairly, with respect and dignity. We strive to conduct business in a responsible, ethical, and sustainable manner, and we require our partners to adhere to the same principles.

Huajian upholds and complies with all relevant export control laws and regulations. We will not violate applicable laws regarding the export, re-export, or transfer of controlled items, including laws related to denied parties and restricted destinations. We steadfastly adhere to these export control obligations to ensure compliance with regulations.

We are firmly committed to fair, honest, and transparent global business operations and strictly prohibit bribery or any other forms of corruption. Our policy is to fully comply with anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and regulations applicable in the countries/regions where we operate, including any relevant anti-corruption and anti-bribery requirements and guidelines.

Huajian takes its legal obligations and social responsibilities seriously, with a focus on managing financial compliance risks such as financial sanctions, anti-money laundering, and counter-terrorism financing. We continually work towards building a financial compliance system and strengthening employee awareness of financial compliance.

Huajian places a strong emphasis on environmental and ecological conservation. While steadfastly adhering to the path of sustainable development, we continuously enhance the quality of our products and services. We continuously explore methods to improve product design, raw material procurement, material transportation, consumption emissions, waste utilization, and recycling. Our constant commitment is to maximize environmental and health protection.

Huajian is dedicated to establishing and improving an effective, sustainable, and trustworthy network security and privacy protection system, in compliance with applicable national and regional laws, regulations, international standards, and based on regulatory and customer requirements as well as optimal industry practices. We fully understand the importance of privacy protection and are committed to safeguarding the privacy and data security of consumers, customers, suppliers, partners, employees, and other relevant stakeholders.

Huajian values and protects intellectual creativity, upholding the belief that safeguarding intellectual property is equivalent to protecting innovation. We will adhere to a philosophy of independent research and development, innovation, and self-improvement, striving to contribute Huajian's innovative achievements to the world. We strongly oppose and condemn any actions that infringe upon intellectual property rights and trade secrets.

Huajian will continue to consider compliant operations as the foundation for corporate development and survival, forging a brand through responsible actions, strict self-discipline, and steady growth.

This declaration will be reviewed annually and revised when necessary.

Reporting channel

If you discover any employee or partner of Huajian violating legal and regulatory requirements, you can report it through the following channels. Huajian commits to strict confidentiality for reporters.

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