Legal disclaimer

Huajian and its subsidiaries ("Huajian," "we," "our," or "us") respect your privacy and process your information with utmost care.

This privacy policy explains how we collect, use, and disclose your information through our website, mobile applications, customer support, and other services (collectively referred to as "Services"). It applies to all Services, unless explicitly covered by separate privacy policies. Separate privacy policies shall take precedence over this one, and any content not specifically covered in those policies is subject to the terms of this privacy policy.

By agreeing to this privacy policy in your account settings or using our Services, or by linking to any other third-party service or product related to this privacy policy, you consent to the processing of your information as outlined in this privacy policy.

1. Information we collect

At Huajian, we believe you deserve great products and great privacy. This means we strive to collect only the personal data we need. We may collect various information, including account information. Your Huajian account and related account details, including your country/region, contact phone number, email address, username, password, social accounts, and third-party avatars. If you are an installer, we may also collect your name, company name, and address.

Device information. Data identifiable to your phone, such as Wi-Fi list information, Mac address, CPU information, memory information, SD card information, and operating system version. When you use Huajian IoT devices, we may collect data related to your IoT devices, including device serial number, device location, device logs, usage history, and device status. For more details, please refer to our electricity consumption information.

When you connect Huajian devices to your home power grid, we may collect solar power generation and grid, home, and battery electricity information.

Contact information. We may need your contact information when you place an order or contact us for customer service, such as your name, email address, delivery address, and phone number.

Photos and videos. When conducting transactions, we may require the upload of your personal photos and videos to address certain issues and modify personal information.

Location. We may need your location information to install, activate, and manage your devices, Bluetooth connections, time zone settings, and obtain latitude, longitude, and altitude information for data analysis, so as to provide enhanced marketing and promotional services.

Other information provided by you. Details such as time, subject, and content.

You are not obligated to provide the personal data we request. However, in many cases, if you choose not to do so, we may be unable to provide our products or services to you or respond to any requests you may have.

2.How we collect your information

We collect your information through four main methods, with your consent:

Direct collection from you

We may collect following personal information directly provided by you, including your name, birthday, contact phone number, email address, delivery address, password, social media accounts, device location, location information and photos/videos.

Automatic collection

Within necessary limits, we may automatically collect device information such as device location, Wi-Fi list information, Mac address, CPU information, memory information, SD card information, and operating system version.

From third-party sources

We collect and utilize information obtained from Facebook, Google, and other accounts you use to log in ("Third-Party Accounts"), including your name, username, avatar, and other details possibly present in individual information of Third-Party Accounts. We do not have access to your Third-Party Account passwords.

Device permissions

In the process of collecting and using the above personal information, we primarily invoke mobile device permissions. When you enable any permissions, you authorize us to collect and use the relevant personal information to provide corresponding services. You can contact us according to the instructions in "Contact Us" to obtain your device permission list.

You may also choose to change the scope of consent or withdraw your authorization at any time.  After revocation, we will no longer collect personal information related to these permissions, and we may be unable to continue providing corresponding services.

However, your decision to withdraw consent or authorization will not affect our previous collection and use of personal information based on your authorization. When we intend to use information for purposes not specified in this policy, we will seek your consent in advance.

3.How we use your information

Huajian uses personal data to support our services, process your transactions, communicate with you, prevent security and fraud, and comply with legal obligations. With your consent, we may also use personal data for other purposes.


Huajian may use your personal data under the following legal bases:

Contract performance:Most of our processing of personal data is to fulfill our contractual obligations to users or to take steps at the request of users prior to entering into a contract. For example, we process personal data on this basis to enable you to use our services.

Consent:Where required by law or in certain other cases, we may process personal data based on your implied or express consent.